8 Must Have Adorable Spy x Family Figurines

Spy x Family has been my favorite anime to watch as of late. Since it is gaining popularity since its debut, there has been a ton of merchandise being released by a wide variety of companies. This makes me super excited because the anime is fantastic and super wholesome. A lot of the merchandise that was released initially for preorder has already been sold out, but new stuff is constantly being released.

Spy x Family Figurines

Within all of the newly released merchandise are some amazing figurines. I am a big fan of figurines and I am slowly building a collection of them that I don’t have enough room in my house for. Nevertheless, some of these new Spy x Family figurines are super cool so I may have to pick up a few of them myself and there is plenty that are still available for pre-order. Take a look below for some of my favorite Spy x Family figurines.

Banpresto Spy x Family Loid Forger 5.9-in Q posket Figure (Version A)

Banpresto Spy x Family Loid Figurine
Image Source: Gamestop

This figure of Loid by Banpresto is super adorable and stands at almost 6 inches tall. This figure was available for pre-order at the Crunchyroll Store a couple of months ago but that pre-order has already closed back in February, but it is still currently available for pre-order through Gamestop. Oddly enough, the ship date for the one at the Crunchyroll Store isn’t until September 2022 meanwhile, Gamestop has theirs listed to release at the end of July.

This figure series from Banpresto also has Anya as well as Yor available as well with Anya having a version A and version B.

Bandai Figuarts Mini Spy x Family Anya Forger 3.5-in Figure

Bandai Figuarts Anya Figurine
Image Source: Gamestop

I just love this little figure of Anya from Bandai, it is quite the small figure just coming in at 3.5 inches tall. The figure comes with the main body, the left and right arms along with the stand. This was also an available pre-order from Crunchyroll Store, but their pre-order is already closed, and like the Banpresto figure above you can find a pre-order for this available currently at Gamestop with an estimated released date in the middle of September. 

This Figurarts figure series also comes available with Loid as well as Yor, also with a release date in the middle of September.

Nendoroid Spy x Family Loid Forger

Nendoroid Spy x Family Loid
Image Source: AmiAmi

This is definitely one of my favorite ones out there right now. This Loid figure is a part of the “Nendoroid” series figures and comes in at around 4 inches tall. The best thing about these figures is all of the little accessories and different parts that come included with them. For Loid, it comes with his handgun, a newspaper, and additional hair. He also comes with parts to create different poses and facial expressions. You can find this figuring currently on pre-order at the AmiAmi website, with an expected release date of November 2022.

They currently have an Anya Nendoroid figure but don’t see one for Yor released just yet.

Sega Plaza Spy x Family Premium Figure Twilight

Sega Plaza Spy x Family Twilight Figurine
Image Source: Aitai Kuji

Here is another awesome figure of Twilight (Loid Forger) by Sega Plaza. This one is more of a premium figure and comes in at about 7.5 inches tall and shows Twilight in action with his handgun drawn. This one is currently still available for pre-order on Aitai Kuji’s website, but should be shipping out any day since the anticipated release date is June 2022. 

LookUp Spy x Family Anya Figure

LookUp Spy x Family Anya Figurine
Image Source: AmiAmi

This Anya figure by MegaHouse is a part of the LookUp series, and this figure is super adorable because it looks like Anya is looking at you. The head can be tilted in different directions and the entire figure comes in at about 4.5 inches tall. You can find this figure for preorder at the Crunchyroll Store but the preorder ends soon on 6/26 with an expected ship date of Jan 2023. You can also find this figure over on AmiAmi’s website with an earlier expected released date of Oct 2022.

G.E.M. Series Spy x Family Anya Figure

G.E.M. Series Spy x Family Anya Figurine
Image Source: AmiAmi

This is another Anya figure by MegaHouse and is a set of 2 from the G.E.M. Series. This Anya is super small and comes in at just almost 2.5 inches, and also comes with her little Chimera plush which is less than 1-inch tall. Overall, this figure is super cute and the little plush that comes with it is just adorable. You can find this figure over at AmiAmi’s website available for preorder with an expected release date of Sept 2022.

Bandai S.H. Figuarts Spy x Family Anya Figure

Bandai Spy x Family Figurine
Image Source: AmiAmi

This Anya figure by Bandai is super adorable and comes with different expression parts with different arms to go with those expressions. My favorite part is that one of the expressions is Anya’s “heh” face. To be honest, from the photos I thought this figure would be a little bigger, but this figure comes in at just above 3 inches. This figure was available at AmiAmi, but it appears that the pre-order is closed already. The good news is that you can still find it over at the Crunchyroll Store with an estimated release date of February 2023.

Spy x Family Acrylic Stand Figures

Spy x Family acrylic stand figures
Image Source: Crunchyroll Store
Acrylic Stand of Spy x Family
Image Source: Crunchyroll Store
More Spy x Family Acrylic stands
Image Source: Aitai Kuji

Acrylic stand figures have been all the talk as of late and it is easy to understand why because they all look so cool! The Spy x Family acrylic stand figures are no exception, you can find Loid, Anya, or Yor by themselves or at times together on a stand. You can find some of these stands over at the Crunchyroll store, or you can also find some of them at the Japanese store Aitai Kuji.

Final Thoughts

That’s all I have for you guys so far, I am super excited about what other new figurines will be released as the show gets more popular. I will try to keep up with them and come back here and update this if I see anything new and exciting. 

Don’t forget to keep up with the new episodes every Saturday as the series is powering towards the end of the first set of episodes before a short break.

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