12 x 16 Art Print

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This is a high-quality art print that is printed on heavy card stock gloss. All 12 x 16 prints have a white border around print.

Size: 12 x 16

Paper Type: Heavy Card Stock Gloss

Paper Finish: No Finish

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12 x 16 Art Prints

Joestars, Villans, Anasui & Diver Down, Stone Ocean Collage, Giorno & Golden Experience, Dio & The World, Jotaro & Star Platinum, Abbacchio & Moody Blues, Bruno & Sticky Fingers, Golden Wind Collage, Golden Wind Villans Collage, Stardust Crusaders Collage, Steel Ball Run Collage, Stands Collage, Jotaro & Jolyne

1 review for 12 x 16 Art Print

  1. Joshua Strohm

    I have three of these and they look fantastic!

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